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In 1998 an order in council was past in Canada permitting Cannabis Hemp to be grown legally as long as the THC (psycho active component) was less than 10 ppm (parts per million). This amount of THC (delta 9 cannabinoid) will not give any euphoric effect.

Over a period of time we selected a federally licensed grower who’s crop is randomly checked throughout the growing cycle to ensure it’s within the law. Med Marijuana® uses federally certified Cannabis Hemp seeds, designed to provide the highest nutritional value.

We grow a fresh crop every year and at each harvest it’s again inspected to ensure THC content does not bypass government regulations.

Health Canada at that juncture issues a certificate allowing our grower to release the harvest to us. Our product then goes through several micro-biological testing at many different phases until the completion of our finished product.

Med Marijuana® does not offer High THC Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil.

For those individuals seeking high THC medical grade cannabis they should discuss this with their health care practitioner regarding an application to health Canada for an exemption. more info