Pur-C Testimonials

August 16, 2017

Hey everyone!!
Wow! Is all i can say about Pur C!! I have to be honest the first week i didn’t think it was helping me at all… however the second week i sure felt the difference!  This is what it did for me….. It has helped me recover from an accident I had back in December 2016… I have severe whiplash, which includes nerve damage, but since using Pur C i have started a much faster recovery!!  I also have suffered from Adrenal/Thyroid issues for a very long time, which the Pur C has helped kick that into gear as well, I actually have energy again!! Whoop Whoop!!  Amazing product you guys!!  Keep up the great work!!  I am so glad to have your product line in my store!  You have helped so many individuals…totally amazing!

Have a fantastic summer all!!

Jan 🙂
Health Products Centre